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My practical experience as a professional trainer and co-ordinator began in 1996 within the NHS. In this time, I have exercised a great versatility in the subject matter I have approached, always with great success and feedback.


Throughout my career, I have honed my training skills by facilitating training to a varied and wide audience over the years from Doctors, Nurses and other Health Professionals, Local Authority, Police and Prison Staff, The Home Office, Department of Health through to Housing Support Agencies, Benefits Office, local and national Charities as well as International consultancy of NGO’s.


I have proven experience with developing and designing training to meet the needs of your team, by ensuring realistic, mutually agreed aims and objectives. My training uses a variety of approaches that covers foundation information, practical and experiential learning in a safe environment. I believe that this is conducive to not only the learning process but the reflection and adaptation of the learning to the individual within the training environment.


I can also provide evaluation and assessment of both you and your teams learning needs, which contributes to a more tailored and perfectly targeted training programme.


I am relaxed and confident, aware of the richness of each individuals’ experience and encourage all participants to engage in the process.



I am committed to and believe in working in a safe and boundaried environment that not only supports people with their learning but enables them to maximise their learning experience.

Anyone can pick up a book or source information on the internet, but my training offers the opportunity to explore the meaning of this knowledge and how this impacts on our work. I like to focus on the application of this learning and what it means to the individual.


I actively encourage reflective participation amongst the training group and believe a lot of the learning in this process comes from the participants themselves.

We are all influenced by others to some degree and learning through an experiential environment helps us to either challenge our beliefs and practices or further re-enforce them.


We rarely get the opportunity these days to explore our work in relation to ourselves in this way, and many past participants have found this to be extremely useful and memorable.

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I am committed to and believe in working in a safe and boundaried environment that not only supports people with their learning but enables them to maximise their learning experience




Sexual Health Basic Awareness (including STIs, Pregnancy Options, Contraception, Safer Sex, Condoms, Psychosexual Issues, Sexual Orientation)


Blood-Borne Viruses

Working with Vulnerable Population Groups (e.g.: Homeless and Insecurely Housed, Sex Workers, LGBT, Mental Health Patients, Prisoners, Substance Users, People with Learning or Physical Disabilities, Ethnic Service Users, People whose first language is not English)

Working with Young People

Men’s Health Issues

Women’s Health Issues

LGBT Health Issues

Understanding Self-Esteem and its Impact on Health Choices

•Behaviour Change and Motivational Interviewing

Health Inequalities

Health Promotion


Delay: Readiness for Sex


Counselling and Psychotherapy:

LGBT Affirmative Approaches


•LGBT Health Issues



Plus a wide range of other courses

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